Body treatments

The body also needs to be pampered. It wants to enjoy the gloryof a body treatment, it wants to feel alive and invigorated with a good scrub, it wants to feel loved with an excellent hydration. And it wants to do in expert hands. You’ll see how a loved body makes you feel even happier, it is definitely worth it.
Service Available at the following locations: Versalles and Marina Vallarta.


Body Scrub and Wrap

This indulgent whole-body treatment is designed to increase circulation, add nutrition, de-toxify and decongest the body’s tissues, while deeply relaxing the muscles. Using natural botanical products of your choice, our body wraps are extremely soothing. All wraps incorporate a traditional scalp massage and conclude with a nourishing application of body lotion. See more ->

Back scrub

A wonderful scrub treatment just for this hard to reach area. Our specialty scrub salts are applied to your back. They gently exfoliate, hydrate, and tone the skin. This combined with a soothing back massage acts to de-stress and relax your entire body. The treatment is excellent for dead cell build-up and stimulating blood circulation in your back. See more ->

Body scrub

The Body Scrub is a treatment that provides many physical benefits and great relaxation. The exfoliation activates circulation, softens the skin and, most importantly, promotes cell regeneration, which strengthens the skin and provides elasticity. A Body Scrub is recommended at least once a month, and before and after tanning for longing lasting tan results. See more ->

Bridal veil

Popular treatment for that very special occasion and for those who love to feel their skin soft and well hydrated. This ritual begins by gently exfoliating the skin with minerals. The skin receives a soft massage with moisturizers, then sealing them with a wonderful warm wax. You will be surprised by the results of softness and will want to enjoy it for any special occasion. See more ->

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