Manicure & Pedicure

Our manicure and pedicure services have been recognized because they carry a level of total relaxation. A perfect blend of soft light, aromatherapy and the magical touch of the hands of the therapists are part of the magical ingredients.
At Artepil Spa we have four different types of Manicure and Pedicure, each with a characteristic seal and worth enjoying.
It is recommended to receive one every two weeks.
Service Available at the following location: Marina Vallarta.


Gel Polish

If you like perfectly manicured nails at all times, you will love gel nail polish. It applies like a nail polish, wears like a gel nail, but without read more->

Artepil Manicure

A manicure with a very relaxing experience. The relaxing ritual starts when you have chosen a therapeutic tea from our tea display. Your hands will re read more->

Classic Manicure

When time is important, so is a classic manicure. You and your hands will thank it. Your hands are bathed in warm water with our special Rosemary read more->

Paraffin Spa Manicure

When your hands are feeling dry, what they really need is a Paraffin Manicure. The result will be silky softness. The treatment starts when your hand read more->

Aroma Pedicure (90min)

We know that it is essential for your feet to look perfect, but also feel a real relaxation, which is why Artepil Spa creates Pedicure Aroma just f read more->

Artepil Pedicure

An experience that really pampers your feet and has become one of the favorites. Begin your relaxation by choosing a therapeutic tea. For this servic read more->

Classic Pedicure

A necessary service to maintain your feet divine when time is an issue. The basin is filled with warm water and Rosemary infusion that will awaken yo read more->

Paraffin Spa Pedicure

When your feet demand softness and hydration, what they really need is our Paraffin Pedicure, which is also therapeutic and relaxing. The treatment s read more->

Pediluvium (50min)

In Artepil Spa we have created a perfect blend of a true ritual of relaxation, the benefits of aromatherapy, a relaxing massage, and a basic pedicu read more->

Fluvial Location, Puerto Vallarta


Marina Location, Puerto Vallarta