Your massage will be a ritual and pampering for your senses . From the feeling of changing your clothes for a relaxing robe and slippers, to saying goodbye to the every day with a greeting of aromatherapy and hot stones. Your body will benefit from therapeutic and expert hands while listening to the gentle movement of water and soothing music.
What will seem to be the end, will be the continuity of your relaxation while you enjoy hot tea, and the tenderness of a hot herbal wrap.
Service Available at the following location: Versalles and Marina Vallarta.


Artepil’s Balance Massage (75/90 min)

This extraordinary massage combines aromatherapy, acupressure, reflexology, stretching, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, and Swedish massage. It achie read more->

Hot Stone Massage (90 min)

The combination of hot stones and numerous massage techniques brings incredible muscle tension relief. It is an ideal treatment for calming the nervou read more->
Masaje Vid Artepil (75min / 90 min)

Artepil’s Signature Massage with Wine Therapy (75min/90 min)

This wonderful treatment merges time proven techniques, red wine, hot towels, and a relaxing massage with grape seed oil. It is perfect for those look read more->

Aromatherapy Massage (50 min / 75 min)

A very relaxing massage recognized by the use of seven natural essences that support the balance of the seven chakras (energy centers) in combination read more->

Back & Neck Massage (25min/40min)

A massage dedicated to relieve muscle tension that often builds up in your back, arms, and neck, while it relaxes and relieves stress. And because you read more->

Leg Massage (25min)

This massage focuses on releasing tension and fatigue specifically in the legs and tired feet. Often poor circulation is a problem in the legs and fee read more->

Prenatal Massage (50min)

Prenatal massage is a body therapy focused on the special needs of the future mother. It helps prevent and relieve many discomforts that occur in read more->

Swedish Relaxing Massage (50 min / 75 min / 90min)

This traditional European technique is the most widely known in the world. It’s a totally relaxing massage using a series of manipulations and gen read more->

Deep Tissue Massage (75/90 min)

Deep Tissue Massage is a technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body read more->

Reflexology (50min)

The Reflexology Massage is an auxiliary therapy that stimulates all the glands and organs of the body through energy flow and release points located i read more->

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (50min)

The Lymphatic Drain Massage is a therapeutic massage used primarily as a means to maintain and restore the immune system, which is necessary for maint read more->

Vital Massage (90min)

A massage designed for the basic needs of your body. This therapy releases energy stored in back and neck, gives health through foot reflexology. This massage as the… read more->

Fluvial Location, Puerto Vallarta


Marina Location, Puerto Vallarta