Renew your skin with a Deep Cleanse Facial
Artepil   |   2021-02-22   |   Personal care

Below we tell you the most important things you should know about Deep Cleanse Facial

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Wine therapy, relax to the fullest at Artepil Spa
Artepil   |   2021-02-08   |   Personal care

We tell you what wine therapy massage is and what you will get on your next visit to Artepil Spa.

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Guide to make your booking and pay online for your services in Artepil
Artepil   |   2021-01-25   |   Artepil

If you have never made the booking and payment through our website, we tell you how step by step

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Leg waxing with the pampering experts
Artepil   |   2021-01-19   |   Artepil

We tell you the advantages of leg waxing. In addition to our techniques and products for waxing in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Artepil   |   2020-12-30   |   Artepil

we answer the most frequent questions that our clients make regarding our services. We hope that any doubt you may have will be clarified.

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The place to pamper yourself, Swedish massage in Puerto Vallarta
Artepil   |   2020-12-08   |   Health Tips

Artepil we have become experts in performing all kinds of massages in Puerto Vallarta. Our main mission is to tell you about how Swedish massage is done and the benefits it brings to you.

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The Holidays 2020 spirit is in Artepil
Artepil   |   2020-11-30   |   Health Tips

As part of the celebrations of Holiday 2020, we put at your disposal our promotions that we tell you in detail next.

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Buen Fin 2020 promotions in Artepil
Artepil   |   2020-11-09   |   Artepil

Now, the Buen Fin offers that Artepil has prepared for you!

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With the gift certificates, give the gift of wellness
Artepil   |   2020-10-20   |   Artepil

The Gift Certificates! Join us in this blog where we explain what they are and how you can use them. The best way to give the gift of wellness.

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Raspaditos in support to the community
Artepil   |   2020-10-15   |   Artepil

Learn about our program to support the community of Puerto Vallarta and do not miss the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. Artepil, together we make it!

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