Quarantine anxiety? Learn to relax

Artepil   |   2020-06-02   |   Health Tips
Among the constant flow of information, Covid-19 pandemic, economic crisis and being away from our loved ones by quarantine, it is totally normal for us to feel a little lost. In the face of this new and unexpected scenario, the anxiety of not knowing what the future holds is a common denominator. But don't worry, there is always a flash of light in the middle of the storm. 

We must not fall into despair and let these negative feelings become strong in our heads during this quarantine. Here are some points for you to identify how you are handling this confinement, provide some tips to reduce your anxiety and some measures to relax.

But first. What is Anxiety?

Anxiety, in itself, is not something totally negative; it is a tool that our brain has to keep us alert to any danger that may come our way. It's our regulatory system for how we react to a situation we haven't faced before. 

As you can see, feeling some kind of anxiety is natural, and it allows us to prepare ourselves for a new challenge in our life.
With this warning system in our brain we seek, through our previously acquired skills and knowledge, the strategies to overcome these dangers and move forward with our goals.

However, there are some people in whom this warning system exceeds their capacity to respond and that is where anxiety becomes a problem, because it does not allow us to face a situation in its right measure. There is even a risk of this becoming a disorder, although this is the least of the cases.

According to studies by various psychiatric organizations, the majority of the population has a lesser or greater feeling of anxiety, but only about 4.5% of adult men and 8% of women have a disorder that requires medical assistance. 

For everyone else who experiences this, some relaxation techniques and/or psychological therapies are enough to get rid of the feeling.

Relax and relieve your anxiety

Once we are clear that this is a normal feeling, it is also a normal situation that the anxiety rates in us have an increase in view of the global situation caused by the pandemic and the need of all countries to declare a quarantine and invite citizens to maintain social distance to avoid a further spread of Covid-19.

There are different ways to calm our minds and the anxiety caused by the quarantine. Breathing exercises in a quiet place, practicing Yoga in our homes, a good coffee on a rainy morning can be some of these ways. Each person is particular and has the responsibility to explore his or her emotions to try to best manage his or her inner peace. 

We are Social Beings
By nature, we are social beings who are eager to share with our loved ones; quarantine has kept us from the possibility of living with them, but fortunately we live in an age where technology helps us to satisfy our social needs.

We already mentioned that you are not the only person in this situation. It is important to know that we are not alone and that the best way to overcome this situation is to support each other.
Asking for help and being in solidarity is the first step to being together again. 
Keeping in constant communication with your friends and family will help you to stay distracted and not feed your fears, and sharing a few laughs will help you feel happy and distract you from the situation.

Keep your body active

Don't let the quarantine become a pretext for eating all day on the couch. Today more than ever it is important to maintain a physical activity, exercise in quarantine is highly recommended, as it brings great benefits to your body and mind. 

When we activate our body with exercise, we increase our heart rate, allowing more oxygen to reach our brain; this releases endorphins to our blood vessels, which improves our mood and helps us process anxiety much better. 

You can find many exercise routines online or yoga and meditation classes are offered on many websites. All you need is your will and your body.

Don't give up on yourself!

Given the need to stay at home and not share with other people, we run the risk of not taking care of our image. If no one sees us, why do we have to make do? Clearly this can lead to a deterioration of our image and when we see ourselves in the mirror we feel less attractive, affecting our self-esteem and the image we have of ourselves. 

Don't drop in and take care of yourself.
It is important to manage our well-being, as it is the first step necessary to be able to help others. If you are well, you can collaborate from your space so that we all, little by little, can come out of the tunnel in search of a collective light. 

In this new normality, some businesses began to reopen their activities with all the necessary precautions. We know that nothing will ever be the same again, which is an excellent opportunity to change and improve our person and our society. The decision to be well starts with you, being the great first step that allows us to get away from a toxic anxiety that ruins our days. 

In Artepil we have all the safety and hygiene measures to offer you a space of well being that helps you to be yourself again. 

We have started to open gradually our services in Puerto Vallarta, reserve your space in advance! Because we have limited places. You can do so by calling +52 (322) 225 9418, sending us a message on the social networks, or simply from our website

 When you come to our facility, we promise not to put your health or that of your loved ones at risk, and that leaving the house for a while will help distract you and reduce your anxiety. 

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