Artepil celebrates its anniversary, 18 years of satisfied customers

Artepil   |   2020-07-22   |   Personal care
Since 2002, Artepil has been a symbol of health and beauty in Puerto Vallarta for all those who have passed through the hands of our expert therapists. It is a great joy to be able to accompany all our clients to bring out the best in them and to face the challenges of each day.

Below we tell you a little bit of our history, our inspiration to provide the best service every day and find our own satisfaction in our community. In addition to special offers that you can enjoy for our anniversary.

Artepil: A story of satisfaction

Since the beginning of our services we have recognized the need that existed in Puerto Vallarta for quality service in waxing techniques and skin care that did not exist in the community. As well as the importance of giving those services in a personalized way and listening to our clients, because nobody knows your body better than yourself. 

In the companionship of our clients, since 2002 we have been perfecting our service, with the implementation of new techniques or products that give more satisfactory results; with effort and dedication we have become a reference in beauty and skin care in Puerto Vallarta.

This has allowed us to expand our services to where there is also a need for this kind of personalized and high quality services.

From Puerto Vallarta to you 

In 2007 the second branch of Artepil was opened in Puerto Vallarta, increasing our capacity to serve more people concerned about always being in the best harmony with their interior and exterior. Always under the same directive to provide a personalized service, in addition to a solid vision to present our clientele an atmosphere of harmony from the moment they arrive at our facilities, where the atmosphere invites relaxation.

In 2015, in our constant effort to satisfy more and more clients, we found in Tepic, Nayarit, another community where we could pamper its population. We are excited to find in Artepil a space to relax and put ourselves in the hands of the best trained personnel and always with the best disposition to know the clients that they are in the right place to take care of their physical and skin.

Our anniversary finds us pleased to have made thousands of clients happy throughout these 18 years, in which we already have 3 branches in Puerto Vallarta, 1 in Nuevo Vallarta and 2 in Tepic. We hope to continue growing thanks to the preference of our clients. 

Offers to pamper you always

After 18 years of pampering you, we want to thank you for your preference and that is why we have a series of special offers for you to rejuvenate your body and give it the treatment it deserves. Here you can see our catalogue of services to find just the one you need.

During the whole month of July 2020, you will have the opportunity to enjoy discounts in the services you choose: Know our anniversary offers. In Artepil we celebrate together!

We remind you that temporarily, due to the health contingency, we are only attending by appointment, so you can call 52 (322) 225 9818, or you can contact us through our social networks, or in direct chat on our website.

Thank you very much for joining us on our 18th anniversary, we invite you to celebrate it together! 
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