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We are close to the Buen Fin 2020 and as it is a tradition since the last years, we make our best effort to offer the best spa and waxing offers in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta and Tepic Nayarit. The preference of our clients is something we treasure greatly and in an effort to reward their preference, we join the companies that this Buen Fin bring offers and gifts for their clients.

This year 2020, due to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, it has been decided to extend the dates of the Buen Fin from 4 days to 11 days, in order to avoid large crowds of people. The 2020 Buen Fin will be from November 9 to 11, dates in which we offer you the opportunity to let us pamper you.

Now, the Buen Fin offers that Artepil has prepared for you!

In the Buen fin we bring you a gift with our Spa promotions

The end of the year is a very significant time for most of us and looking and feeling good is the best way to start a new year. That's why, for this Buen Fin, we offer you the opportunity to relax and embellish your body with our Spa promotion packages with a gift of bikini waxing, manicure or pedicure; to close the year looking radiant.

Among our packages, Aromatizate consists of an aromatherapy massage combining natural essences to balance your energy centers and a Kobido Aroma facial, a Japanese treatment for facial rejuvenation with a lifting effect that brings health, youth and luminosity to the face.

The Aromatizate package, as a Buen Fin offer, we give you a Brazilian waxing or Classic Pedicure service, you can choose either one.

In the following table you can see the spa promotions and gifts that we offer depending on the package. 



MX Price



Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Detox Facial


Brazilian Waxing or Classic Pedicure


Back Massage & Anti-Aging Facial


Brazilian Waxing or Classic Pedicure


Back Massage 25 min & Deep Cleanse Facial


Normal Bikini Waxing or Classic Manicure

Renuevate Plus

Back Massage 40 min & Deep Cleanse Facial


Normal Bikini Waxing or Classic Manicure

You can consult the description of each treatment in our service catalog. The promotions are only available in the branches where this service is performed, so these spa promotions are not available in Artepil Tepic.

Another novelty we offer during this Buen Fin, is that you can use the packages any day of the week within the corresponding Buen Fin dates, from November 9th to 20th. Don't wait any longer and book your Spa promotion!

Get great discounts with our Buen Fin offers

Our mission is to pamper you and this Buen Fin offers you all the alternatives so that you can take advantage of better prices and gifts. Our Waxing Series is a way to ensure that you always have smooth skin, and we have already told you about the advantages of waxing and how it makes your hair thinner and easier to remove.

The series allows you to buy several waxing sessions in advance, so that you can schedule your appointments, besides offering you the possibility of getting a better price for them, than if you bought them one by one. In addition to the discount they already have on their own, as a Buen Fin offer we'll give you extra services for the waxing you've bought.

If you buy a series of 6 Brazilian waxing sessions, as a Buen fin offer, you will receive one Brazilian waxing session completely free. Or in the case of 12 sessions, Artepil will give you 2 sessions, to thank you for your trust and celebrate the Buen Fin 2020.

This Buen Fin offer will be available only at Artepil Tepic branches, from November 9th to 20th. The gift sessions can only be redeemed for the service in which the series was purchased.

Don't wait any longer and let us pamper you!

Gift certificates, your chance to give the gift of wellness the Buen Fin 2020

The Buen Fin is also a time that many people choose to buy Christmas gifts in advance, using the Buen Fin offers that are offered during this period. In Artepil it is also an excellent moment to show your appreciation to your loved ones and give them wellbeing.

During the Buen Fin dates, November 9-20, 2020, we will have our gift certificates available at all our branches. Normally, they are only available on our website, but we have decided to make them available at any branch you choose to go to.

The beauty of purchasing our gift certificates is that they carry a discount to be exchanged for the service you prefer. For example, if you buy a certificate worth $1000 MX, you pay only $950 or a certificate for $5000, you pay $4000. The certificate can be exchanged any time the holder wishes.

You can go to this link to learn more about our Gift Certificates.

Take advantage of our Good End offers right now! Contact us at +52 (322) 2259418 or book your appointment here.
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