Celebrate Grandpa's Day in Puerto Vallarta, get a gift certificate at Artepil!

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The figure of grandparents is fundamental in our lives. They are the center of the family and in general, they are the ones who always keep the family together. This weekend, August 28, is Grandparents' Day, a date to pay tribute to them in a special way and make them see how important they are.

Grandfathers and grandmothers have taught us to see the world with different eyes, to enjoy it from peace and their experience; no one has their seasoning; they are experts when it comes to telling stories, they give us their unconditional support, their comfort and of course, they always spoil us, it is time to spoil them! 
If you are wondering what to give to a grandparent on Grandparents' Day, Artepil has the answer. If you want to spoil them, but don't know what service to buy, now you can buy certificates with credit to be redeemed at any of our branches. 

We have gift certificates from $500 to $5000, your grandparents will be in the best hands with Artepil packages! By giving them a body treatment, facial, or massage in our spa in Puerto Vallarta, you will be giving them health, wellness, and the opportunity to feel pampered and pampered by experts. 

What to give grandparents on their day, pamper them at the best spa in Puerto Vallarta! 

Imagine how much it helps the mind and body a moment of relaxation, leave behind the worries, the stress of everyday life and let yourself be pampered by the hands of our experts, sounds amazing, doesn't it?

Artepil is the ideal place for grandfathers and grandmothers to take a break and let themselves be pampered, here they can have a relaxing massage with aromas that will take their mind to a stress-free place and will also free their body from tensions. You will also have the opportunity to see yourself in the mirror with a radiant and healthy skin thanks to one of our fabulous facial and body treatments. Undoubtedly, it is an image that will gladden your heart. That's why we present you 3 options, so you can surprise your grandparents, parents, or even purchase it for yourself, enjoy the art of pampering yourself at Artepil


Our therapists are qualified to perform massages professionally and help you have a pleasant Spa experience in Puerto Vallarta.

We know that the ambiance is a fundamental part of your relaxation, that's why at Artepil Spa, we set the stage to pamper you. Before, during and after your massage in Puerto Vallarta, we make sure you feel comfortable at all times and enjoy your massage.

Whether it is a relaxing massage or a therapeutic massage, we want you to listen to your body and help us give you the right treatment.

The best part, our massages range from $190, all the way up to $1000, so you can choose any gift certificate and it will be eligible for a massage. 


The skin of the face is constantly exposed to the harsh climate in which we develop: solar radiation, dust from the street and our homes, the cold, and more; that's why it's important to have a facial two or three times a month. Here are some of the benefits of our facial cleansing treatments for mature skin: 

  • Combats wrinkles, expression lines
  • Fights sagging and the most visible signs of aging.
  • Provides energy to the cells
  • Is a great revitalizer
  • Some of our facials have a tightening effect.
  • Your skin will feel smoother
  • Regenerating effect
  • Reduction of dark circles under the eyes

Body treatments

Performing body treatments from time to time will help you keep your skin hydrated to make it look smooth and shiny and also reduce acne and blackheads levels, and even reduce your stress, give your grandparents the opportunity to relax and get a body treatment at Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta. 

You can see all the options here

How to purchase a gift certificate at Artepil? 

At the best spa in Puerto Vallarta we love to make things simple for you, below you will find out how to purchase and how to use the gift certificates: 


  • Select the value for which you want to buy your gift certificate at Artepil.
  • Follow the steps in the certificate purchase process, providing the requested information. 
  • Select the payment method. 
  • At the end of the purchase process, you will receive a unique digital code in your email.
  • The code will be sent to both the customer who made the purchase and the person chosen to receive the gift certificate.
  • This digital code is valid for one year from the date of issuance.
  • This digital code must be exchanged for a physical certificate at an Artepil branch so that it can be used for the service of your choice.
  • Once the digital code has been exchanged for a physical certificate, there is no time limit on its validity.

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