With the gift certificates, give the gift of wellness

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There are few pleasures in life that bring us closer to our humanity than the pleasure of sharing with our loved ones. And a very fun and practical way is through the gifts we give each other. And if that gift, aside from creating a bond between people, is one that will result in a gift of physical and mental well-being to the other person, it is doubly appreciated. 

Through the Artepil gift certificate, the beneficiary can use the purchased credit to use it in the services he chooses, at the time he chooses. 

We are approaching a time of the year when this spirit of sharing increases in all of us and we are eager to share our joys and/or give ourselves a break after a difficult season.

In order to help you keep sharing good vibes and wishes with your loved ones, in Artepil, we present a simple and practical way to tell your closest ones how much you care: The Gift Certificates! Join us in this blog where we explain what they are and how you can use them. The best way to give the gift of wellness.

A moment of relaxation, Spa in Puerto Vallarta 

Imagine how much a moment of relaxation helps the mind, leaving problems at the door and letting yourself be pampered by the hands of our experts. A relaxing massage with fragrances that take your mind to a place free of stress and free your body from tensions. Or see yourself in the mirror with rejuvenated skin thanks to one of our fabulous facial and body treatments. Without a doubt, it is an image that will gladden your heart. 

Now, imagine that you can give something like that away, feel the satisfaction of giving away that feeling of satisfaction and happiness. With our gift certificates, this satisfaction is just a few clicks away. We want to help you share a true spa experience in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic. 

You can choose between the options that we bring for you, and the price that you prefer, besides that by buying our gift certificates you get an exclusive discount for the service in which this magnificent gift is used. 

You can also buy them for yourself, if you need a moment to pamper yourself and you are still not clear about a service you would like to use, you can buy a gift certificate and use it later, because you also need to take care of yourself, and a spa day in Puerto Vallarta or Tepic is the best way to do it.

Don't hesitate and get a quality gift 

Our simple and reliable purchasing system makes it easy for you to get this fun to pamper yourself or whoever you prefer, so you don't have to worry about getting your gift certificate whenever you want. You only have to follow the instructions on the page and at the end of your purchase you will receive a digital code that you can exchange with a physical certificate at the moment you prefer. Find out how to purchase and use gift certificates below: 


    • Select the value for which you want to buy your gift certificate at Artepil.
    • Follow the steps that describe the purchase process of the gift certificate you have selected.
    • Select the payment method. 
    • At the end of the purchase process you will receive a unique digital code in your email.
    • The code will be sent both to the customer who made the purchase and to the person chosen to receive the gift certificate.
    • This digital code is valid for one year from the date of expedition.
    • This digital code must be exchanged for a physical certificate at an Artepil branch so that it can be used for the service of your preference.
    • Once the digital code has been exchanged for a physical certificate, it has no time limit in its validity.

    If you have any doubt, we put here the instructions and conditions for you to feel confident that we take care of you, in all aspects.

    Now you know, you have a fun alternative to enjoy a restorative spa experience in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic. If you still have questions, you can call us at +52 322 22 5 9418 and our agents will be happy to answer your questions.

    We also invite you to share your experiences in our social networks. Pampering you is our mission!

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