Taking care of yourself is also taking care of others

Artepil   |   2020-06-02   |   Personal care
“Take care of yourself.” This phrase is sometimes misinterpreted as an act of selfishness and not very empathetic towards others. But we must never confuse selfishness with self-love. 

Having a high self-love or healthy self-esteem allows you to be more positive when helping others, feeling good about yourself leads to a path of trying to help the people around you find their happiness. You will see that it is vitally important to get to feel good about who we are and how we are in order to help others.

The importance of our self-esteem

“To love oneself before trying to love someone else” is another phrase seen as trite and empty, but which, underneath the colloquial hides a deep truth.

If we do not start by discovering how fabulous we are and the things we would like to improve, it is very difficult to project a positive vision on another person.
Our self-esteem is essential to allow us to help the surrounding people. Finding our right value and being positive about ourselves will allow us to develop in a positive and healthy way in our environment, allowing us to work hard to achieve our goals and overcome the obstacles we face.

In order to achieve a healthy self-esteem and carry out the best relationship with us, we must start with self-knowledge. Taking a moment of the day to look deep within ourselves and find the things that make us unique and valuable, as well as correcting behaviors that do not seem so positive. 

Consciousness is one of the most powerful tools of the human being and in order to develop it we must learn to accept ourselves, since it is our imperfections that make us perfect human beings. 

The world, your world

When we begin to think about ourselves consciously, to discover that “I” in Freudian terms, we accept that our characteristics are not a condemnation but a beautiful possibility of being happy with ourselves and having a good mood. Not as something finite and defined, but as a canvas and a palette of colors from which we create our existence. 

That is why being in a good mood with you is the first thing to consider when we are going to interact with others.

The need for adequate personal car is fundamental in order to be okay with oneself and others. It is not possible to give what you do not have, so it is not possible to establish healthy relationships over time if we do not first resolve our relationship with ourselves. 

A way of loving ourselves

Without a doubt, there is an important factor in feeling better about ourselves and being able to reflect that attitude towards others. That is; our personal care. Taking care of our body and mind is a task that many underestimates, putting others first. 

It is common that in motherhood, for example, women postpone or defer their needs to satisfy that of their children first. There will be times when this makes sense, but it is impossible to sustain this situation for years without feeling totally exhausted.

After the confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, many people are undoubtedly overwhelmed by the worries and intensity of family life. Neglecting a little our personal care and at the same time, our self-esteem. 

But up! We must not let ourselves be defeated, there is still much world to live in, and we must be strong and prepared to take care of ourselves and the people we love. 
Simple spaces and actions, such as bathing and feeling clean, a haircut that pleases us or having soft skin, can greatly increase our personal satisfaction and thus help us get along better with others.

A space to spoil yourself

Artepil is a space designed to spoil you. Our environments offer an experience of peace, beauty and well-being. We focus on you, we know you are special, and we want you to feel it too.  

We have specialized treatments and the most appropriate professionals to have a session of love for your body and your personal care. We assure you that your day will not be the same, as you will leave more than satisfied, in a good mood and prepared to project the best version of yourself. 

We have started to gradually reopen our services in Puerto Vallarta, reserve your space in advance! Because we have limited places. You can do so by calling +52 (322) 225 9418, sending us a message on the social networks, or simply from our website

When you come to our facility, we promise not to put your health or that of your loved ones at risk, and that leaving the house for a while will help distract you and reduce your anxiety. 

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