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Artepil   |   2021-12-06   |   Personal care
December is here, and we all know what it means: parties and more parties! Whether it's the posada at work, dinner with friends or the love of your life and of course, Christmas and New Year's with the people you love the most. While it's a time to reflect on the good and bad times of the year, it's also a time to pamper yourself and relax to the fullest. 

Artepil joins your festive spirit and prepares to treat you with a massage, facial or manicure. 

Tips to pamper yourself during the festive season 

After a year full of emotions, a lot of work and not stopping for a second, it's time to take a break, sit down and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, read that book you've been waiting for and pamper yourself as you deserve. At Artepil we know exactly what you need, that's why we have different options for you to prepare for the holidays and end the year as relaxed as possible. 


No matter what your job is, your hands and feet carry a lot of weight, and they are your biggest presentation card. Whether you're attending a dinner party with your friends, family or work partners, having your hands in perfect condition will give you a lot of presence. 

Give them the treatment they deserve with our services, the Artepil manicure and pedicure these services will give you the care you require, combining nail, foot and heel cleaning, hand and foot exfoliation, grape mint mask, hot towels, relaxing hydrating massage and nail polish. These services will lift your mood, and you will look amazing. 


The skin is the largest organ we have, it is also the barrier that protects us from toxins and the environment. Entrust your skin to our experts and learn the Art of Treat Yourself. 

Start relaxing with our body wrap treatment that will activate your circulation, add nutrients and detoxify your skin, reduce stress and relax your muscles. 

Our treatments will give you smoother skin, relaxation, improve your circulation and unclog your pores to let toxins out. Finish the year renewing yourself with Artepil. 


Your face is your letter of introduction to the world, give it the care you need, if you are going to attend an important meeting or just want to give you a me time in Artepil we have what you need to make this day the most special. 

If you want a total renewal of your skin, you can have a deep cleansing facial that provides balance to the skin. Impurities and dead skin cells are removed for a more even tone and natural glow, we also have detox and anti-acne facials, or if you have more plans in the afternoon, you can have an express hydration facial. It only lasts 25 minutes! 

No matter what treatment or activity you choose to pamper yourself, at Artepil we will make sure you get the most out of it, always taking care of you, your skin and wellbeing. 

It's time to pamper yourself and get to know the Art of making you happy. 

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