Guide to make your booking and pay online for your services in Artepil

Artepil   |   2021-01-25   |   Artepil
In Artepil, the experts to pamper you in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic, we want you to have different ways to book and make your payment for any of our services, in the branch of your choice. Our communication channels are always open for you to call us at (322) 225 9418, communicate through our social networks on Facebook or directly from our website.

One of the advantages of making your reservation from our website, is that you can make your payment at the moment you make the reservation and arrive directly to your appointment.

If you have never made the payment through our website, below we tell you step by step how to pay for your service in Artepil, from the comfort of your home, in a totally secure way.

Click to book now

In this step there are two ways: You can start your booking process from the home page of our website. Or you can do it from the page of the service you are interested in. Just click on book and you will be able to start your booking process.

Select branch and service

The site will direct you to this window:

Next you must choose the branch where you want the service:

Next you must choose one of the available service categories. Then choose the service you wish to make the reservation for. Once you have chosen the branch and the service. Click on Continue, to follow the process:

Appointment date and time

Next you must choose the day on which you want to attend your service by clicking on the calendar figure. Then you must select the time of the service by clicking on the clock icon: Once you have chosen the date and time for your service, click on continue to follow with your reservation.


Next we will remind you of the service, day and time for which you are making your reservation, as well as a space to enter a promotional code. Read and confirm that these are the services you want and click continue.

Customer Data

Now fill in the fields that appear in the window with your data. Once you have filled in the fields with your data, click on Continue and a reservation request code will be generated and in less than 24 hours we will confirm your request via the email you provided us.