How to have healthy skin?

Artepil   |   2022-02-04   |   Personal care

When we talk about skin care, we all dream of having a soft, smooth and flawless skin. At Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta, we try to make your dreams come true. We make sure to give the skin of your face and body the care it really needs.

At Artepil, we have different treatments and facials to give your skin the hydration and attention it requires, by booking an appointment with us, you will be on your way to achieve a soft, smooth, radiant and above all healthy skin. In addition, you can follow a few tips that we will give you below.

Tips for a healthy skin

At Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta, we know that taking good care of your skin and living a healthy lifestyle can help you prevent several skin problems. It is time to start with the Art of taking care of your skin, you can start by following these five tips.

Hydrate and eat healthy 

It is said that we are what we eat, and of course this phrase is also reflected in our skin. Consuming processed and toxin-laden foods can leave us with lifeless, dull and dry skin. In addition, a poor diet accelerates the appearance of wrinkles, pimples or will leave your skin dry.

Nourishing your skin starts from the inside, and you will achieve this with a good choice of foods. Don't forget to drink enough water to stay healthy. In addition to helping your skin to be healthy from the inside, you can give it a boost with Artepil treatments.

Get an exfoliation treatment at Artepil

To get a smooth and soft skin you can exfoliate your skin once a week, this will remove dead skin and roughness, keeping your body radiant and revitalized. You can schedule an appointment with one of our experts and have a full body exfoliation, you will feel smoother instantly. 

Moisturizing treatments at Artepil

To have smooth skin, you need to hydrate it and to achieve this you can schedule one of our star treatments. Our Bridal Veil treatment will give you a body exfoliation and deep hydration sealed with body paraffin that will leave your skin radiant and looking even healthier.

Moisturizing Facials at Artepil

If you want to give your face a hydration boost at Artepil we have the perfect facial for you, you can book a Paraffin Moisturizer here, this is a moisturizing facial for very dry skin, hydrating masks and a kerosene layer are used for maximum hydration.

Take care of your hands with Artepil

Do not forget that your hands are your letter of introduction, you can treat them with a kerosene manicure, this combines the general cleaning of nails, a relaxing hand exfoliation and moisturizing with hot kerosene and enamel. Your hands will look like new!

In Artepil we are prepared to offer you the best treatments to make your skin look bright, hydrated and full of life, send us a Whatsapp message, and we will gladly give you more information. 

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