Maskné, the new enemy

Artepil   |   2021-10-15   |   Covid-19

Maskné, the new enemy

Acne has been one of the predominant skin care issues over the past couple of months, and it manifests itself in multiple forms. While stress-induced deep breakouts are abundant, there is also an increase in a type of acne we'll call maskné. 

You can identify maskné pimples as tiny whiteheads that appear after wearing your medical, cloth or paper mask to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The culprit? The breakdown of what is known as the skin barrier and the blockage to the effects of hydration. 
At Artepil, we'll explain skin conditions like acne and the most effective treatments. 

Maskné: acne caused by using masks

Cosmetic masks, masks, mascara, etc., can cause an imbalance in the outer layer of the skin, so a damaged barrier can lead to all kinds of irritation problems, including, yes, acne. Technically, this type of outbreak has a clinical name: mechanical acne.

What causes maskné?

Mechanical acne comes from friction that causes irritation and clogged pores, so even if you don't suffer from oily skin, sebum and bacterial growth are produced. 

Rather than the deep, painful bumps, which are also influenced by hormones, what you'll notice are small, shallow whiteheads.
While it might seem that mask-induced breakouts would be caused by skin "suffocated" or "blocked" by a mask, that's not likely. Many think of it as a physical occlusion, but in that case it would actually have to stick to the skin, like an adhesive.

How do I know it's maskné from my fabric mask?

Aside from the telltale little white bumps, it's all about location. Looking at the distribution is key, as it will be along the contact lines. It won't be over the mouth where you're breathing, but along the chin strap, over the bridge of the nose and cheeks. 

This also applies to medical or paper masks. Another way a cloth mask can cause flare-ups is when you don't wash it and the cloth has a buildup of dirt and bacteria. Rule this out as a cause by washing your mask with each use.

Artepil: the place that specializes in anti-acne treatments

Having an acne-free complexion is an advantage. Everyone has the opportunity to show the world a clean and healthy-looking face. That is why Artepil has become one of the most prestigious face care centers, due to its specialized treatments. 

Artepil is an expert center in facial treatments, and has a team of skin care professionals, with experience and an important professional trajectory. Look for Artepil and benefit from anti-acne treatments, anti-aging, moisturizing, deep cleansing and many more.  

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Maskné, the new enemy

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