Raspaditos in support to the community

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In Artepil we are compromised with our community, at the same time that we are grateful for the confidence entrusted to us during a complicated time for everybody. It is thanks to this trust and the enormous support of our community that we have managed to maintain ourselves as a reference in relaxation and beauty care treatments in the region.

We recognize that it is our time to return the love that has been shown to us in some way. That is why we have devised a way to form alliances with members of our community and support them in fulfilling their dreams and projects. Whether it is to raise funds for a non-profit foundation, graduation events, academic trips, medical funds... if you feel your project is worthwhile, come to us, we are willing to accompany you to fulfill your goals.

Here is our new program to support the community, so they can raise funds for different projects... It's the Artepil Raspadito!

What are the Artepil Raspaditos?

It is a program to help our clientele raise funds for any project they require. It is born from the perspective that helping is within everyone's reach, and we cannot be left behind. Through this simple program, easily accessible and without complicated requirements, we hope to help as many people as possible.

The interested person acquires a gift certificate from Artepil, and a pre-established sheet of “Raspaditos”, which works as a raffle (we give you the complete kit). Selling the raffle numbers (which are surprise amounts from 5 pesos to 40 pesos) will make more than double from the initial investment. 

For example, you can purchase a gift certificate for a Brazilian and Underarm waxing service for $385; once you have sold the total of the “Raspadito” raffle numbers, you will have $810, which corresponds to a profit of $425 for your project! 

And this is just one of the examples of " Raspadito" that we have for you, we can offer you raffles with better rewards for your investment and your participants. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn about the different options you have to support your project with Artepil Raspaditos.

We are sure it is an easy and fun way to raise funds for that special project. 

General guidelines

  1. Each sheet has 36 numbers..
  2. Service options can be changed to others of the same or higher value.
  3. If the client wants to add a third service of a different category, he can access this service at a package price.
  4. No more sheets can be sold in each option, only those defined by Artepil. 
  5. Each sheet has a unique code..
  6. Each service will be given in separate certificates, at list price.
  7. When selling the “Raspaditos”, the service reward must be specified at the top.
  8. The "Raspaditos" can only offer the services available in each city where they are promoted.

If you are interested, visit us, and we will gladly explain in more detail.  And if you know someone who might be interested, we will also be happy to explain.

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