The Holidays 2020 spirit is in Artepil

Artepil   |   2020-11-30   |   Health Tips
It's already December and with it comes the time of year that we all like the most, where the spirit of the festivities makes us all more empathetic to our loved ones, and we want to give away all the love we have.

In the great family that we form in Artepil, we are also in this mood of holidays, and we want to share our love and pamper you as it should be in this Holiday 2020. We recognize that this year has been complicated and it is probable that this closing of the year will be different from all those that we have passed before. But we are here for you to relax and forget about the problems with a tailor-made holiday spa.

As part of the celebrations of Holiday 2020, we put at your disposal our promotions that we tell you in detail below. Spa gift certificates with a higher discount and waxing series so you can have soft skin all year round. 

Surprise yourself with our Spa Day packages! Holiday 2020 is here and in Artepil we want to pamper you.

Set up your Spa Day and get our offers on waxing series

To share our season's spirit this Holiday 2020, we want to pamper you with an incredible savings opportunity that you can't pass up. During the whole month we offer our Spa Day packages, so you can build your own holiday spa with the services you like best, among those available at each branch. 

Our European waxing series will also be on sale throughout December. The waxing series give you the opportunity to buy several sessions of the same waxing service in advance and get a discount depending on the service. Find out more about our waxing series.

During December, regardless of the European waxing service, you will receive exclusive discounts to celebrate this Holiday 2020. 

During the week of November 30th to December 4th, our waxing series, as well as the Spa Day packages, will be with a 25% discount at the time of purchase in any of our communication channels.

From December 5th to 11th you will get a 20% discount. Between December 12 and 18, 15% discount and from December 19 to 31 you will have a 10% discount on the purchase of European waxing series and Spa Day.

Take advantage of our promotions for this Holiday 2020 and book your service now or contact us at +52 (322) 225 9418. In Artepil we are here to serve you and pamper you is our art.

How to set up your Spa Day

Artepil gives you the opportunity to put together your Spa Day package to enjoy the services we have to offer you as you prefer. You can choose between 3 services of three different categories and take advantage of the discounts we show you in the previous section.

A practical example of a Spa Day would be to take a deep tissue massage, an eyebrow waxing session and an Anti-Aging facial. This way you schedule a different service from three different categories and get the best price for your spa day. 

You can also take 2 waxing services, one body treatment and two massages. But there are always 3 different categories. If you want to know more, we invite you to check our Spa Day site

Spa Day can be purchased in certificates, so it's an excellent option for a holiday spa in holiday 2020, as we explain below.

For your loved ones, spa gift certificates 

Holiday 2020 is a time to show our love for our loved ones, although sometimes discovering what is the right gift for each person can put us in doubt when choosing the gift, because we want to make that person feel special.

Artepil brings you the best alternative to give this holiday 2020. 
What better than a holiday spa session to make your chosen person feel special?

Our spa gift certificates are designed to convey appreciation for others and pamper you with the services at Artepil, which have a satisfaction guarantee. In addition, our spa gift certificates give the beneficiary the opportunity to choose the service he or she wants the most at the time he or she wants it.

During the month of December, when buying a spa gift certificate online, you will get greater discounts than those normally offered, starting with the $1500 certificate. From November 30 to December 4, purchase a spa gift certificate and get 25% discount on the services you choose. 

From December 5th to 11th you can get a 20% discount. From 12 to 18 December a 15% discount. And from December 19th to 31st a 10% discount on the purchase of any certificate, starting at $1500.00. If you want to know more about how the certificates work and the terms and conditions, visit our website with all the information about our spa gift certificates.

This is an exclusive offer for the purchase of certificates on our website. Don't miss out on celebrating this Christmas with Artepil. To pamper you is our Art!
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