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Artepil   |   2021-03-15   |   Personal care
Our feet carry us from one place to another, support our weight during the day and suffer the inclemency of the weather, with sweating or dryness depending on the time of year. Don't you think that they also deserve a day to pamper them?

Not taking care of your feet can cause many affections, more or less painful such as chafing, swollen feet, ingrown toenails, onychomycosis, athlete's foot.... And many others that are not pleasant to talk about, but well worth preventing. And it doesn't take too much dedication to avoid this.

If you have a professional pedicure at least once a month, you can avoid all those problems. If you are in Puerto Vallarta or its surroundings, here we tell you about the classic pedicure service at Artepil, the experts in pampering you.

History of amazing feet with professional pedicure

The word pedicure has its roots in the Latin words: Pedís (feet) and curare (to cure). We have evidence of its application approximately 4 thousand years ago in the Egyptian culture, where the care of the feet is represented in the tomb of a pharaoh. Since then, people were already aware of how important it was to take proper care of our feet.

In the classical cultures of the Mediterranean, pedicure was a necessary aesthetic treatment due to the constant use of sandals, a popular footwear at the time and area, to provide protection for the feet, while allowing them to breathe in the hot climates of the Mediterranean Sea basin. 

Over the years we have been perfecting the techniques for foot care, until reaching the professional pedicure services we have today. In Artepil, we have taken different techniques and products throughout our 18 years of history, through the feedback we have with our customers. You can review our catalog of manicure and pedicure services in Puerto Vallarta and you will surely find the right one for you.

The hot season is about to arrive in Puerto Vallarta and with it, the time to show off your sandals and as in the classic culture, it is time to treat yourself to a treatment to make your feet look beautiful; start the summer with the classic pedicure at Artepil, a professional pedicure in Puerto Vallarta.

A service to pamper you, a pedicure in Puerto Vallarta 

Let us take you through a classic pedicure session at Artepil. Once you have confirmed your appointment at the day, time and branch of your choice, come with us and give your feet a journey of comfort and beauty. The greatest advantage of coming to our professional pedicure is that you just have to sit back and let our therapists work their magic.

  • The first step is to remove the nail polish, if you have any, with a product that is not harmful to your skin and nails. Next we will soak your feet in warm water, you can choose between essential oil or exfoliating salts to complete your pedicure spa experience.
  • Once your nails and cuticles are softer and smooth, your therapist will proceed to trim and shape your nails to make them look clean and shiny. The cuticle around your nails is also removed to leave them looking flawless.
  • The next step is to polish your heels and soles of your feet to remove dead skin that can generate calluses, making walking uncomfortable and unaesthetic to the eye. We take care of making your feet beautiful and comfortable.
  • To finish your pedicure spa service, we will give you a relaxing massage to increase good circulation in your lower joints. To finish off your treatment, we will apply nail polish in the color of your choice to protect your nails and increase the effectiveness of your pedicure.

The classic pedicure takes about 50 minutes and is available for pregnant women.

You can reserve your place for your classic pedicure in any of the 4 Artepil branches in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit. To do so, you have the option of using our booking engine, social networks or call us at (322) 225 9418. At Artepil our mission is to pamper your feet!
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