Our body treatments use professional techniques that activate circulation, hydrate and exfoliate your skin. We use appropriate techniques and products to keep your skin hydrated, perform body exfoliation and ensure that you feel pampered in your body treatment in Puerto Vallarta.

Woman with hydrated skin by body treatment

Our body treatments use professional techniques that activate circulation, as well as hydrate and exfoliate your skin.


Why should you perform a body treatment

The skin is the largest body organ we have and at the same time the most exposed, it is the armor of our body against all the external organisms that surround us. Imagine the amount of toxins and harmful materials it comes into contact with every day. Don't you think it's also worth pampering yourself and making sure it receives proper care?

Leave your skin in the hands of our body treatments and get these benefits:

It reduces stress

Cleanses impurities and dead cells from your body

Unclog pores and allow toxins to escape

Body exfoliation and softer skin

Living a balanced life of good nutrition and exercise is not enough to get all the toxins out of the body, let alone the skin. It is necessary to take some time, at least once a month, to pamper your skin and feel how a body treatment does wonders for you.

Doing these body treatments helps keep your skin hydrated so that it looks soft and shiny and also reduces the levels of acne and blackheads. Let us pamper you and take a body treatment at Artepil.

Back that is treated for body exfoliation
Arm attached to the body, covered with body exfoliation product
Therapist applying body treatment on bare leg

Artepil, professionals in body treatments in Puerto Vallarta

Over the years, in Artepil we have learned which are the best techniques and natural products to provide the best body treatments and help our customers to have a hydrated skin and look radiant.

Our products activate the circulation of your whole body and maintain a hydrated skin while bringing muscle relaxation.
We help body exfoliation by removing dead cells and increasing the regeneration of your skin to make it smoother and more uniform.
We have the best body treatment for your back, with salts that help body exfoliation and help tone your skin.

In Artepil, pampering is our art, book your next body treatment with us and give yourself a healthy and hydrated skin.


There's nothing better than Artepil to pamper yourselfExcellent place to remove stress and pamper your body from head to toe. The super competent and very friendly therapists make you feel very comfortable.

Denisse T.


Highly trained staff!Very attentive and super friendly, they provide excellent service, the place is very nice and very clean, no doubt I always come back.

Miroslava Burgara


My favorite spa!I love this place. Every time I go (massage, mani, pedi, etc) they treat me super well. I have not tried other spas in Vallarta because this is my favorite! I recommend it to everyone!

Laura G.


The attention from start to finish, from reservations, receptionists and therapists is exceptional. Excellent music and atmosphere, super intimate spaces where you feel safe and the prices are fair!

Ximena Marnu