Body exfoliation and its benefits

Artepil   |   2021-08-25   |   Health Tips
Nowadays, there are many aesthetic treatments that allow the external beauty of a woman to stand out. A bright, clean and clear skin is a symbol of beauty. That is why in Artepil we want you to know what body exfoliation is and the benefits of it.
Exfoliation is a very important practice, because it stimulates cell renewal by removing dead cells and other impurities from the surface of the skin. Exfoliation also allows a better absorption of cosmetics (moisturizers, anti-cellulite treatments, firming creams), as it promotes skin permeability. 

What is a body exfoliation?

Exfoliation is a treatment performed with a mixture of granulated substances and either cream or oil, in order to cleanse, renew and moisturize the skin. It ensures the elimination of the most superficial layer where dead cells are found, leaving a smoother and softer appearance.
This treatment is indicated for all skin types, except irritated and very sensitive skin. The easiest way to discover if there is a need for exfoliation is if you notice lifeless, dull, blotchy and rougher looking skin.

Benefits of body exfoliation

Now that you know what a body exfoliation is, you should know some of its benefits. In addition to improving the absorption of massage creams, body exfoliation also brings several benefits, such as: 
Strong ally in the fight against cellulite.
Contributes to proper blood circulation
Improves the natural tone of the dermis
Stimulates the metabolic system
Gives the skin a healthier appearance
Gives a glossy touch to the dermis
Helps in the elimination of toxins
Leaves the skin more uniform
Relaxes your whole body
Ally of aesthetic treatments
By opting for body exfoliation, you will have your skin more luminous, beautiful and, above all, healthier.

How to do a body exfoliation

There are several types of homemade exfoliators such as sugar with honey. Salt can also be used, as well as a mixture of seeds and other foods. These creams are applied all over the body, from the feet to the neck. For this, circular and relaxing movements are encouraged.
Once the application is finished, it´s recommended that the products remain on the skin for a few more minutes to encourage the result of a velvety skin. Exfoliating creams are removed with wet towels or a shower. The treatment is completed with the application of a moisturizing cream and a relaxing massage.
These are the options you can do from home; if you want to relax completely, don´t hesitate to look for the services offered by This is one of the best spas in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay, where you will find European waxing, facials, massages, body treatments and more. 
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