Body treatments at Artepil What are they, and how do they benefit you?

Artepil   |   2022-02-15   |   Personal care

Exercising, reading a good book, taking care of yourself and dedicating a moment just for you are the pillars to feel good about yourself, self-care is on the rise and there are many benefits it brings. An example of this are the body treatments. That is why at Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta, we have experts that will help you stay healthy and at peace with your body. 

The results achieved with Artepil's different body treatments are really positive for your health and to enhance your beauty. The main objective is to help your body, through specific massages, to better perform its functions of oxygen circulation, nutrient rest and waste elimination.

Benefits of Body Treatments at Artepil

Nowadays, living with an ideal and healthy appearance has become one of our main objectives. Hence, the importance of this type of treatments that help us to improve both our physical appearance and our health. In Artepil we tell you how our body treatments will benefit you.

Increased circulation

Some treatments used can stimulate the increase of circulation. In addition, they also stimulate the skin, making it firmer and much smoother.

Total relaxation

Thanks to the body treatments that our experts perform, you can enter a state of complete relaxation. This will help you, both mentally and physically, to disconnect from the outside world for a moment and reconnect with your inner self.

Deep Moisturizing

With extreme weather, whether hot or cold, your skin needs a hydration boost. Artepil's body treatments will give your skin the hydration it requires, it will look radiant, healthy and vibrant. To achieve this type of hydration, you can book an appointment for a Bridal Veil, a treatment that consists of body exfoliation and deep hydration sealed with body kerosene that will leave your skin as soft as a baby's skin. 

Imperfection-free skin

The skin is the largest organ we have and at the same time the most exposed, imagine the amount of toxins and harmful materials it comes in contact with every day. With our Deep Back Cleansing treatment, you will achieve a skin free of imperfections. Our experts use special products for each skin type, a deep cleansing of the area is performed: cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of blackheads and imperfections, application of mask resulting in a healthier and more beautiful skin.

Performing these body treatments helps to keep the skin hydrated so that it looks soft and shiny, and also to reduce the levels of acne and blackheads. Let us spoil you and take a body treatment at Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta.  

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