How to purchase and use gift certificates


  • Select the value for which you want to buy your gift certificate at Artepil.
  • Follow the steps that describe the purchase process of the gift certificate you have selected.
  • Select the payment method. For more information about our payment policy, you can check here.
  • At the end of the purchase process you will receive a unique digital code in your email.
  • The code will be sent both to the customer who made the purchase and to the person chosen to receive the gift certificate.
  • This digital code is valid for one year from the date of expedition.
  • This digital code must be exchanged for a physical certificate at an Artepil branch so that it can be used for the service of your preference.
  • Once the digital code has been exchanged for a physical certificate, it has no time limit in its validity.

Use and conditions

* For the person who will use the certificate
  • Check out our catalog of services and those available by branch; you will surely find one that interests you.
  • Once you have chosen the one you want, call +52 322 225 9418 to reserve your space (when reserving your service, please make it clear to our agent that you will pay with a gift certificate).
  • When you arrive at the branch on the day of your appointment, present your mail and/or certificate code along your ID card.
  • At the reception desk, your code will be validated and you will be given a physical certificate from the branch to pay for the selected treatment.
  • In case you have a balance in favor, you will be given another physical certificate at the reception desk that can be used to pay for further treatments.
  • In the case of the Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas branches, once the digital code has been exchanged for the physical certificate, the gift certificate can be used in any of the region branches.
  • In Tepic's branches, the certificate can only be exchanged in the branch where the digital code is exchanged for the physical certificate. In other words, if the code was exchanged in the Ciudad del Valle branch, the certificate can only be used in that branch.
  • Not valid for the purchase of products, it can only be exchanged for some of our services: Massages, Waxing, Manicure & Pedicure, Body or Facial Treatments.