Waxing with tree resins, with moisturizing properties and incredible results, you won't find anything like it in women's waxing and men's waxing! We are recognized as a leading company in waxing in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic.
Our service philosophy is excellence.

Professional applying European waxing to client in purple robe

Natural technique using extracted tree resins providing your skin with moisturizing properties and incredible results. You won’t find anything else like it!


Benefits of Brazilian waxing

When deciding which hair removal method is best for you, it's best to have as much information as possible. Let's say you're looking to get a bikini wax, and specifically a Brazilian wax, and you're wondering what the advantages are of doing it with wax; we assure you that waxing offers many advantages.

Your skin is much softer and more pleasant to the touch to begin with, you'll love the result! In addition, waxing does not cause irritation and damage to the skin as other methods do. Another advantage of waxing is that when you do a bikini wax, or facial waxing, the area is much more defined.

If you want to know other advantages of waxing, we invite you to check out our blog on Brazilian waxing.

Softer skin

Skin exfoliation

Less irritation

Hair grows thinner

Waxing for men in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic is becoming more and more common and it has imposed itself as a very pleasant trend in sight and touch. Waxing for men makes those bodies trained in the gym stand out, and the advantage that waxing offers you, is that the hair takes longer to grow and it gets thinner every time, because the wax removes it from the follicle. Dare to look and feel amazing!

Specialist applying waxing for men in the chest
Hand applying waxing on client's back
European Waxing application stick on client's leg

What distinguishes our waxing?

Artepil is a space designed to pamper you. From your arrival to any branch of Artepil, you are the most important person for us.

In all our modalities, we use natural wax and products.
Thanks to our natural products, hair takes longer to grow.
If it's for a bikini wax or a Brazilian wax, we offer a gown and a disposable thong, so you don't have to worry about what to wear for your appointment.
During the service we offer you a warm pillow to increase your comfort.
After the waxing, we apply a chamomile lotion to the area.

Artepil has the best attention guaranteed for our clients; at your waxing appointment. Our mission is to pamper you!


Excellent service, the best spa in Banderas BayI have been a client for 4 years and I am delighted, all the services are great.
Impeccable hygiene and friendly treatment at all times.

Monserrat Limón

One of the best experiences.From the moment you enter you feel the super calm and relaxed atmosphere. And all their services are excellent, a super nice treatment of all the girls always.

Estefanía Legarreta

The best place to relax and pamper yourself!Incredible prices and special attention!

Denny Ramz

I love Artepil.The place is very cozy, clean and nice. The girls that attend you are always very attentive, kind and always offer you a very good help or answer to your doubts about the treatments you need. It has a great variety of services and products. Whenever I have gone to Artepil I have been very satisfied with the experience and the prices are not unreasonable as in other places. The best place for a quality hair removal. I recommend it 100%.

Ruiz T

Artepil is the best place to relax and give yourself some time to pamper yourself.I love to go, the service is always the best, everyone is attentive to what you need and above all they give you a lot of confidence, so feeling uncomfortable is a long way from happening. I highly recommend this place, its harmony and good vibe is felt from the moment you enter, besides it has very accessible prices.

Nicole Castillón Rosales