Brazilian waxing and a stylish bikini

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The season to get our swimsuits out is here, the temperature is rising and it's the ideal time to go to the pool, beach, river or any place you have nearby where you can cool down and spend a memorable moment with yourself and whoever you want. We also recommend you read this blog to discover the benefits of taking care of yourself.

Summer is also an excellent opportunity to show how proud you are of your body and wear daring swimsuits that leave discreet tan lines. 

That's why it's so important to take care of our skin and wax our bodies properly, so they look their best. Next, we will tell you about the characteristics of Brazilian waxing and the importance of going to professionals to perform it.

It's summer and you need a bikini wax

Comfort is a fundamental aspect of sensuality; if we are comfortable with ourselves it is more possible to radiate our intrinsic sensuality. That's why it's important to keep you safe and comfortable to enjoy your moments of happiness to the fullest.  

To be completely carefree, we should consider a bikini wax; we will feel safer and be able to enjoy the moment and our surroundings.

There are many hair removal techniques and styles for bikini waxing, each with its pros and cons that we will be able to perceive in our body and first we must make the difference between hair removal, shaving & waxing.

While hair removal refers to any technique that removes hair from any area of the body that we desire; shaving is doing it with a razor or rake. While it may be a more practical and quicker technique, don't be fooled! Long-term results are not what we expect, and can cause irritation, ingrown hairs, or hair growth. That's why it's important to know about other hair removal techniques that are less aggressive on our bodies, such as the European waxing technique.

For example, one of the advantages of the European waxing technique is that the hair becomes thinner with each session, which makes the process easier over time. The feeling of softness when you do bikini waxing is something you will keep for a long time, which is not the case with shaving.

It is possible for some of us that waxing can be scary, because it has a reputation for being painful. That argument may have been valid in the past, but today there are products that make depilatory waxing a bearable experience, and you must remember that we are specialists in this technique and our priority is not to hurt you.

What is Brazilian Waxing?

Now that we are clear about the benefits that waxing has for our skin, we can talk about the different styles of bikini waxing that exist, to choose from according to your personal choice and lifestyle.

As you well know, with time, swimsuits have become smaller and smaller. With this, the need to wax the intimate area more thoroughly has increased. When in Brazil it became fashionable to use thongs as swimwear, Brazilian waxing also became fashionable, in order to be able to use this outfit with total comfort.

Brazilian waxing consists of the removal of hair in the intimate area, which includes the pubis, lips and the area between the buttocks, to have the sensation of nudity and the softness of a hair-free skin for much longer. This modality can also be very fun, because it gives you the freedom to leave some hair just below the pubic bone and play with different designs, both playful and fun.

The intimate area is very delicate since the skin is more sensitive, so it is super necessary that you go to professional studios with trained personnel to perform Brazilian waxing or any type of intimate waxing.

Artepil, the best place for waxing in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic

If we talk about professionals, without a doubt Artepil is known for providing the best service in waxing in Puerto Vallarta. After 18 years of offering Brazilian waxing as their signature service, they have taken it upon themselves to perfect it with techniques and products that will make your session a relaxing experience.

Thanks to the guarantee offered by the services used by Artepil, they have become the leading company for waxing in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic, opening several branches in the area to meet the enormous demand of their clients who recognize Artepil as the place to choose.

The waxing service is with natural products based on tree resins with moisturizing properties, leaves no residue, has a temperature that does not burn, but is hot enough to expand the pores and the hair comes out easier. The staff is thoroughly trained in this hair removal technique and guarantees the least possible pain.

Just choose the bikini waxing style that suits you best, whether it's Brazilian or regular waxing. Now you know why Artepil is your best option for hair removal in Puerto Vallarta, you can make your appointment at +52 (322) 225 9418, through our social networks or directly on our website.

We also recommend that you review our hygiene protocol so that you are aware of the health measures we are taking to ensure the health of you and your loved ones. 

Book now and let yourself be pampered by our specialists!

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