Everything you wanted to know about male waxing

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Male waxing is becoming more and more popular every day. A few years ago, it was not common for men to wax, but today we can say that it has become very common and at Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta, we are very aware of this. 

Time, customs, and prejudices are changing, for some time now many men have been deciding to depilate, whether it is just to stylize their beard or eyebrows, depilate their chest, their whole body or a localized area such as their intimate parts.

Having hair or not is a matter of taste; and it is each man who decides whether he wants to wax or not, so if you want to do it or still have doubts about why it is a procedure that suits you, you can go to any of our branches, schedule any of our services and finish convincing you to listen to one of our experts talk about the benefits of male depilation. 

Benefits of male hair removal 

If you've already decided to remove your body hair, you're probably wondering, what type of hair removal is right for me? The benefits of waxing are many compared to shaving at home, for example: 

  • No more itching! 

By waxing, you won't have to worry about itchy beards or any other body parts that usually appear three days after shaving and can cause discomfort and irritation. 

  • No more afternoon shadow

By going to professionals and getting waxing done, you won't have that annoying hair growth or shadowing the next day, you'll get a smooth, even and precise hair removal, rather than leaving it to your own skills.

  • Smooth, exfoliated and soft skin

After waxing in Artepil, Puerto Vallarta, you will be given a special oil that will make your skin look glowing, feel smooth and look fresh and healthy. 

  • Long-lasting

When you wax, the smooth effect lasts longer, because the hair is pulled out by the root, you can enjoy up to 6 weeks of velvety smooth skin. 

Waxing for men in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic is becoming more and more common and has established itself as a fashionable and very pleasing to the eye and touch. Waxing for men brings out those bodies worked out in the gym. Dare to look and feel amazing!

What not to do after waxing? 

Immediately after waxing, you should avoid exercising or any activity where your freshly waxed skin rubs against your clothes. This is because if you get a lot of sweat in your open, irritated pores and don't clean up properly afterwards, you run the risk of ending up with acne breakouts. 

It may be a painful process to some extent, but don't worry, it's totally bearable, and it gets easier and easier, your skin will gradually get used to the sensation, plus each time you do the process your hair will get thinner and thinner. 

Waxing in Puerto Vallarta, Come to Artepil Spa! 


From the eyebrow to the nape of the neck, at Artepil we have different waxing services for your face, we can delineate and stylize eyebrow and beard, remove the annoying hairs that come out of the nose or ears, and we can even wax the nape of the neck.  


This waxing service is focused on the chest and back, and can be full or half waxing, the choice is yours! 


If you find hair on your arms or underarms annoying, this is your option, you can choose to have your full arms waxed, which goes from your shoulders to your fingers, or just your underarms waxed, it all depends on the service you choose. 


Legs, thighs, buttocks and more. You will be able to pick between 5 different services to look spectacular. You can book your appointment by clicking here.

No matter which area you decide to wax, we use wax and natural products to get better and smoother results. Book your appointment by clicking here, Let us pamper you! 
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