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Feeling the softness of your skin is something that always lifts the spirits at any time of the year. Whether it's to show off your swimsuit in the summer or to avoid dry skin in the winter, waxing your legs is highly recommended for your skin care. 

You know that there are many leg waxing techniques and in this link you can discover the differences between each technique, as well as the advantages of waxing and doing it with the professionals in pampering you with our waxing services in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic.

Although it is also necessary to take into account that leg waxing must be done with care and with the right products. To avoid adverse results it is always advisable to go to professionals who can evaluate your skin and choose the best products to give you perfect results and make you feel happy.

How to shave your legs properly?

Without a doubt, the best thing to do is to leave your leg waxing on, it is to go to professionals who know how to do it and how to take care of you and pamper you. In Artepil we know the steps to follow to achieve the best result for leg waxing.

First, we recommend you to keep your legs hydrated at home before the depilation with wax. This way the procedure will be faster and more effective.

We also remind you that when you book your service, your hair must be more than half a centimeter long in order to apply the depilatory wax.


It is essential to perform a cleaning before waxing legs. When you arrive at your appointment at Artepil, the therapist in charge will perform a cleaning of the area, so you can start feeling relaxed. As well as an exfoliation treatment to open the pores and the hair can be extracted easily and with the least possible pain.


As we mentioned, Artepil's therapist is an expert in skin types and will apply the most appropriate product for your leg waxing. Besides maintaining a constant communication with you about the temperature of the wax and if you feel any pain while the wax is being removed. At all times, our mission is to pamper you.


Once, you have finished with your leg waxing, the therapist will perform a deep cleaning of your legs to avoid residues and to make your skin as soft as possible. She will then apply a moisturizing product to make your skin look bright, and will recommend products to follow up from home. 

The advantages of leg waxing

Waxing is one of the most gentle procedures for your skin and in the specific case of depilation of the legs, it undoubtedly highlights the softness that you can see by touching it. In addition to the fact that when it grows back, it does not come out thicker, as is the case of doing it with a razor. 

With leg waxing, the effect is the opposite. Little by little the hair grows thinner, and you will see that your leg waxing sessions are faster and less painful.

Other advantages are more uniform and smoother skin throughout the year, since the wax is an exfoliant that helps your skin to regenerate. You can also enjoy our massage service better, since without hair on your legs, the hands and products run through your skin without risk to small tugs of hair. 

Pampering you is our Art, the best place to shave your legs

We want you to have the best experience when you go to your leg waxing at Artepil. Our branches are designed to be spaces of relaxation and well-being where you can concentrate on pampering your body as it deserves.

Book your appointment now, and get ready to receive the best waxing service in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic. If you have any questions, you can check our FAQ section.

You can contact us at (322) 225 9418 and in our social networks in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic. Contact us, in Artepil, pampering yourself is our Art.
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