Get ready for the vacations at Artepil, Brazilian waxing and more in Puerto Vallarta!

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Summer is here, and it's one of the favorite times to go on vacation; either to cool off at the beach, in a pool, or just get out of the routine. At Artepil we have treatments to get you ready before and after your vacation; from pedicure and manicure to make your feet look amazing on the sand, massages to relieve the stress of planning the perfect vacation, and also, we have the best Brazilian waxing in Puerto Vallarta. 

Besides bringing with it memorable experiences, with summer comes changes in temperature, increased solar radiation, and therefore changes in your skin. That is why it is very important to take care of our skin, give it the importance it deserves and go to expert hands to perform this job. 

If we talk about experts, Artepil is undoubtedly known for providing the best hair removal service in Puerto Vallarta. After 20 years of offering Brazilian waxing as our star service, we have been in charge of perfecting it with techniques and products that will make your session a relaxing experience.

If you are ready to go on vacation, it's time to get ready at Artepil, spa in Puerto Vallarta! 

Get ready for summer in Artepil

If you have already chosen your destination, and you have your bathing suit ready, it is time to treat yourself to some self-care time, and at Artepil, we are experts at it. Here is a list of services that will make you enjoy your vacation even more, visit us at any of our branches! 

Brazilian waxing in Puerto Vallarta

Comfort is essential to feel fresh and attractive, and if you feel more comfortable getting a waxing before going on vacation, Artepil is the best option to get a bikini wax in Puerto Vallarta! 

The waxing service we offer at Artepil, is with natural products based on tree resins with moisturizing properties, it does not leave residues, and has the perfect temperature to only dilate your pores, without burning your skin. 

Your skin will be soft, without irritation, and also, the hair will take longer to grow! Besides having bikini waxing in Puerto Vallarta, you can also have your legs, arms, mustache, or eyebrows waxed. Our staff is extensively trained in this technique and guarantees the least possible pain.

If you are going to do it before going on vacation, remember to mention it when you make your appointment, our professionals will tell you the right time to do it before going to the pool or the beach. 

You can schedule your appointment by clicking here. 

Manicure and Pedicure in Puerto Vallarta

Summer is the perfect time to show off those sandals that have been lying around in your closet for months, give your feet the rest and treatment they deserve and let our expert hands take care of them. 

We have different manicure and pedicure services, some of them include aromatherapy and a relaxing massage, perfect for you to start your vacation relaxed and with perfect feet. 

Or if you are returning from your vacations, a manicure, and pedicure service in Puerto Vallarta will revitalize your extremities. Choose the service you want and book your appointment by clicking here. 

Body Treatments

For before and after your vacation, you will love our body treatments. You can have a deep cleansing to remove impurities from your back and look amazing in an open back blouse or your swimsuit. 

When you come back from vacation, nothing will be as satisfying as a body exfoliation, because this relaxing treatment will remove your dead cells, activate your circulation, soften your skin and promote cell regeneration. It will give you a boost of energy to start your daily routine again. 

Let us pamper you and take a body treatment at Artepil.

Massages in Puerto Vallarta

Planning vacations is tiring, and surely you have heard the phrase: “I need a vacation from my vacation”, at Artepil you can do it! 

Our massages combine techniques that act not only on your muscles, but on all your senses: A dynamic balance between peace and relaxation that your body will love.

You can schedule a foot massage, a back massage, or one completely designed for you. 

Book an appointment for waxing or other service in Puerto Vallarta 

Massage, body treatment, manicure or waxing, no matter which one you choose, we assure you, you will leave relaxed and with lots of energy to get back to your routine. 

Our hallmark is quality and constant customer satisfaction. If you are looking for bikini waxing in Puerto Vallarta, Artepil is your option, book an appointment here and start enjoying yourself as you deserve. 
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Get ready for the vacations at Artepil, Brazilian waxing and more in Puerto Vallarta!

If you are ready to go on vacation, it's time to get ready at Artepil, spa in Puerto Vallarta!

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