Types of intimate hair removal

Artepil   |   2021-11-23   |   Personal care
Have you finally decided to take the step towards intimate hair removal? At Artepil we tell you everything you need to know now that you have taken this big step or if you are still not totally convinced, here you can find out which is the best method for you. 

Waxing has acquired a bad reputation because it was said to be painful, to reduce this situation it is necessary to go to experts on the subject. At Artepil we have specialized hands that will accompany you throughout the whole waxing process so that the process is quick and gentle. 

Something else to take into account is the quality of the wax and the treatment given to your skin during and after the depilation, during the service we offer you a warm pillow to increase your comfort, after the depilation we will apply a chamomile lotion on the area so that your skin feels fresh and rests. 

To be able to perform any type of intimate waxing, it is necessary to let the hair grow at least 1 cm so that the wax can set properly, and the hair is removed effectively from the root. Depending on your genetics, it can take up to 20 days for the hair to grow.

What types of intimate hair removal does Artepil handle?


Depilation of the external part of the bikini area, not including the labia or between the buttocks.


Normal bikini waxing & between buttocks.


Brazilian waxing is of the entire intimate area or with some design, including between the buttocks.

No matter what your choice is, Artepil will make you feel safe and protected. Our mission is to pamper you! 

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