Keep your face young and nourished with our facial treatments. Within our varied facial cleansing techniques, you will surely find the one you need to maintain a smooth and bright skin. Our experts are here to help you with any questions you may have when you book your next facial in Puerto Vallarta.

Woman receiving a professional facial treatment by a specialist

Keep your face looking young and nourished with our treatments. Whether a complete or partial cleaning, the final result is a soft and nourished face.


Facial treatment benefits

The face skin is constantly exposed to the inclemency of the climate in which we live: the solar radiation, the dust of the street and our houses, the cold, the chemicals of the cosmetics, our own genes, among many other factors that can be accelerating the deterioration of our skin by irritating it, generating impurities and accelerating the aging of our face. So here comes the importance of going to a professional to get all the benefits of a facial treatment.

We can list some benefits of our facial cleansing treatments:

Provides balance to the pH of the skin

A more luminous skin

Delays aging

More hydrated and oxygenated skin

Even if you take proper facial hygiene and wash your face every day, it is very possible that dust, makeup and other contaminating residues are being left behind, which in the long run, cause your facial skin to look more deteriorated. That's why it's recommended that you get regular facials to ensure that your skin looks radiant and healthy.

There are many products that claim to guarantee effective facial care and cleansing, but they do not always live up to their promises. Thanks to our long experience and search for excellent service in Artepil, we make sure we have the best products to perform our facials. We look for natural origin products, to guarantee that your skin will receive all the benefits when you get a facial treatment in Puerto Vallarta.

Man receiving his facial treatment in Puerto Vallarta
Therapist applying facial cleansing treatment on a man's nose
Woman with Artepil spa gown receives facials in Puerto Vallarta

Artepil, professional facial treatments in Puerto Vallarta

When you come to Artepil for a facial treatment with us, our experts in facial cleansing and treatments, make sure you are pampered.

The ideal is that you get a facial treatment at least once a month, although you should also take into account the unique characteristics of your skin.
Our services have an average duration of 1, there are longer or shorter ones, but we like to take the time to pamper you.
We take into account the unique characteristics of your skin and apply the products that best suit it.
We do a facial cleansing to eliminate impurities, as well as apply a facial massage to facilitate the purity of your skin.
After a facial treatment, in Artepil we have special products to protect your skin until your next appointment with us.

Don't wait any longer and book your treatment in Puerto Vallarta.