Acne in adults: How to fight it? In Artepil, spa in Puerto Vallarta we explain it to you.

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As adolescence passes, we think that our skin will be free of annoying pimples, but, oh surprise! Many times it is not so. Acne in adults is more common than you think, at Artepil, spa in Puerto Vallarta, we explain the most common causes and give you tips on how to fight it; remember that if it persists, you should go to a dermatologist, so you will have a healthy, radiant and smooth skin. 

What is adult acne?

Adult acne is an inflammatory skin disorder that most commonly affects women over the age of 25. This acne usually appears on the U-shaped area of the face, i.e., the chin, neck and area around the mouth, and now, with the constant use of face masks, the cheeks and even the nose have been added. 

Acne can be annoying and painful, so you surely want to get rid of it, but first things first. Let's find out why acne appears in adulthood. 
Why does acne appear in adulthood? Find out at Artepil, Puerto Vallarta. 

Hormonal changes

Hormones influence everything, including how your face looks. So if you notice that you get breakouts every month, it could be due to the onset of your period. 

Pregnancy is another factor causing acne, since hormones change during this period. 


Home work, office work, school exams or anything that causes you stress, can end up in an acne outbreak, and you may wonder, why does this happen; very simple, in response to stress, your body produces a hormone called androgens. 

These hormones stimulate the excessive production of sebum, which added to other factors such as hormones, or pollution can lead to acne outbreaks. 

Reduce stress and practice self-care, you can have a massage once a week at Artepil, spa in Puerto Vallarta or simply do something that makes you feel good, you will have noticeable changes! 

UV rays and pollution

Our skin is constantly exposed to external factors, such as ultraviolet light, dust and pollution, and if there is no proper cleansing, your pores will become full of dead cells and dirt, which can result in the excessive production of oil.  This process can lead to the appearance of new imperfections. 

In addition to cleansing properly every night, and upon waking up, you can help your skin by having a detox facial, which will renew and detoxify your skin with activated charcoal. It will also clarify, purify and hydrate your skin. 

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Cosmetic masks, masks, mascara, etc., can cause an imbalance in the outer layer of the skin, so a damaged barrier can lead to all sorts of irritation problems, including, yes, acne. Technically, this type of outbreak has a clinical name: mechanical acne.

Mechanical acne comes from friction that causes irritation and clogged pores, so even if you don't suffer from oily complexion, sebum and bacterial growth are produced. 
What you will notice are small, shallow whiteheads instead of deep, painful bumps, which are also influenced by the action of hormones.

To try to avoid this, remember to change your face mask every day, this way you will avoid dirt, also remember to wash your face well at night and of course, have a specialized treatment at Artepil, spa in Puerto Vallarta. 

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Wrong choice of skin or hair products

Another factor that can affect acne is a poor choice of moisturizer, heavy or expired makeup, heavy sunscreen or even hair products can trigger acne breakouts. 

How to fight acne in adults, do it at Artepil, spa in Puerto Vallarta!

When you suffer from acne, the first thing to do is to increase your hygiene. Try to always keep your face clean, and take good care of the makeup or mascara you put on it. 

We also recommend going to an expert to analyze specifically what is wrong with your face. Once you have done all this. You can give your skin a little help by booking an appointment for a facial at Artepil, 

Ideally, you should have a facial at least once a month, although you should also take into account the unique characteristics of your skin. Our services have an average duration of 1, there are longer or shorter, we like to take the time to pamper you.
At Artepil, we take into account the unique characteristics of the skin and apply the products that best suit it. Let our experts take care of your skin, you will leave any of our branches looking radiant, fresh and stress-free. We are waiting for you! 
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Acne in adults: How to fight it? In Artepil, spa in Puerto Vallarta we explain it to you.

Discover the causes of adult acne and fight it with Artepil