What is the Japanese facial massage or kobido and what does it consist of?

Artepil   |   2022-04-04   |   Health Tips

Keeping skin firm, glowing and radiant is no easy task, especially as the years go by. We all want to have skin as soft and smooth as a baby's, and not everyone is willing to go under the knife or undergo invasive treatments. That is why at Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta, we are dedicated to find and bring the best treatments for you to always look amazing. On this occasion, exported directly from the oriental culture, expert in skin care, comes an anti-aging solution called kobido or Japanese lifting.

Bring your facial skin back to life at Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta.

The word Kobido means "ancient way of beauty". According to legend, this method was for several centuries the favorite therapy of Japanese empresses, who seemed to have porcelain skin. This ancestral technique acts on the deepest layers of the skin, thus stimulating the production of collagen, elastin, and acting on the facial nerves and subcutaneous musculature. This is achieved through the combination of a set of facial maneuvers performed by the hands of our experts at Artepil. 

The kobido facial goes from the skull to the neck. By performing the correct technique it will help you prevent wrinkles, eliminate toxins from the face, and it also has therapeutic effects and will recover your musculature. It is all based on the speed of the hands and fingers and how they alternate. Slow speeds to achieve relaxation and fast speeds to stimulate and achieve a lifting effect.

Benefits of the Kobido facial at Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta. 

Combat stress

This facial, besides helping you revitalize your face, will also help you relax and stimulate your blood circulation. It also helps to decontract your muscles and relieves the tension that accumulates in them. This will allow you to relax and enjoy this experience to the fullest. 

Improves your mood

In addition to the physical benefits of having a Kobido facial, dedicating time just for you will definitely improve your mood, you will rest from your daily chores, and you can put yourself in the hands of our experts in any of our branches, forget about everything and just dedicate yourself to enjoy. 

It can relieve headaches

Thanks to the pressure applied during this facial treatment, the inflammation of the nerves and muscles of the head and neck can be reduced, decreasing the pressure on them and, consequently, relieving headaches.

Reduces the effects of bruxism.

As with headaches, massaging the face and specifically the jaw muscles will help you to stretch and relax the jaw, you will also improve the circulation in that area, and consequently it will relax, or if you had any pain; this will decrease. 

Don't wait for a special occasion to treat yourself, keep your face young and nourished with our facial treatments. Whether you are looking for a massage, facial, waxing or manicure, at Artepil, the best spa in Puerto Vallarta, you will surely find the treatment you need to maintain a smooth and glowing complexion. If you have any questions, you can contact us or book your appointment here. We are waiting for you. 


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