We take the manicure and pedicure experience further, recognized by our clients as magical, practical and functional manicures and pedicures. Our services are performed with a seal of excellence. Manicure and pedicure spa, another level of experience in nail care in Puerto Vallarta.

Hands applying manicure services with professional products

Recognized by our clients as magical, practical and functional treatments. Our services are our seal of excellence.


Manicure and Pedicure benefits

Our hands and feet are our most important instrument in the course of our lives. They are the parts of our body that work most for us, no matter what we do, they are carrying a constant load. They allow us to do what we want and get where we want to go, so it is very important to give them the care they need to continue to function properly.

A very comforting way to pamper our extremities is with a manicure and pedicure that brings us many advantages:

Show off clean and well cared for nails

It relaxes the area and improves circulation

Removes impurities and dead skin cells

It improves the mood

It is important to emphasize the importance of going to a professional to perform these procedures. The feet and hands contain multiple nerve endings, so a fundamental part of the manicure and pedicure is massaging the area to help relax the area and improve blood circulation; then, if it is not done correctly, it can cause very unpleasant effects and the manicure and pedicure will not fulfill its function.

When you go to a manicure and pedicure salon, it's not just about cutting and painting your nails; it's a comprehensive service to your hands and feet with procedures for cleaning, moisturizing, exfoliating and creating an atmosphere where you feel the relaxation and difference of a manicure and pedicure spa experience.

Giving an after service manicure and pedicure spa
Hand looking the perfect nail care in manicure and pedicure salon
 Foot getting wet with flowers and receiving the best service of manicure and pedicure spa

Artepil, profesional manicure and manicure in Puerto Vallarta

In Artepil we have developed an authentic manicure & pedicure salon, with techniques and natural products that will allow you to look soft and beautiful hands and feet. Besides embellishing your nails in Puerto Vallarta.

We make sure to perfectly clean the area before starting the procedure, while ensuring your comfort.
We cut and shape your nails in a delicate and careful way to avoid ingrown nails and to make them the length you want.
For a manicure and pedicure spa experience, we exfoliate your feet and hands to remove dead cells and impurities and bring new life to your extremities.
We apply a grape mint mask wrapped in warm towels to moisturize the skin and you will notice the difference when the mask is removed.
Includes nail polish, you will notice the difference of a professional service. Your nails, feet and hands will appreciate your visit to our manicure and pedicure salon.

At Artepil, pampering is our art, reserve your place to be pampered at our pedicure & manicure salon.


The best in all of Bahia de Banderas.A year ago I moved from Vallarta, and every time I come to visit I return to Artepil for my pedicure and waxing. Their services are excellent, and they do everything to accommodate you even if you go with little time or without an appointment.

Ixel Ramirez


Highly trained staff!Very attentive and super friendly, they provide excellent service, the place is very nice and very clean, no doubt I always come back.

Miroslava Burgara


My favorite spa!I love this place. Every time I go (massage, manicure and pedicure, etc) they treat me super well. I haven't tried other spas in Vallarta because this is my favorite.

Laura G.


Happy pedicureI was hesitant to get a pedicure because I had a half-buried nail, and I was afraid that it would get hurt more, but the truth was that it was an excellent service. My ingrown nail is much better and the result of the pedicure is beautiful! Apart from the relaxing foot massage with the hot pad on my neck or back, and a tea! What more could you ask for? HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Ana E.