In Artepil, we focus on having the most specialized therapists and give our clients a unique experience of massage and spa in Puerto Vallarta.
Our therapeutic massages combine techniques that act not only on your muscles, but on all your senses: A dynamic balance between peace and relaxation that your body will love. Don't miss the opportunity to pamper yourself at Artepil, the professionals in massage and spa in Puerto Vallarta.

Therapist applying client's back massage in a spa in Puerto Vallarta

Designed for the satisfaction of your body needs, our massages combine different techniques to act on your body and senses, The perfect balance between peace and relaxation.


The importance of a professional therapy massage

Massages have multiple benefits for the body, and an effective massage can be a balm for your mind as well as your body. But it is also important to point out that a poorly applied massage can have exactly the opposite effect on your body and mind, which is why it is more than advisable to go to professional therapists when it comes to receiving relaxing and/or therapy massages.

Among the benefits we can highlight:

Effective anti-stress relief

Improve your sleep periods

Help with body injuries

Excellent for concentration

There are more benefits that your body will love when you go to our massage service in Puerto Vallarta. We assure you that you are in the hands of professionals and that our therapists are qualified to pamper your body as it really deserves. Our therapists receive constant training in the latest techniques of therapy massage and relaxing massage.

No matter which of our massage services you choose, you can be sure that you will leave relaxed and feeling your body in an energetic balance that you will want to repeat; our seal of quality is excellence and constant satisfaction for all those who look for massages in Puerto Vallarta.

Client discovering the benefits of a professional massage
Client receiving stress reduction massage at a spa in Puerto Vallarta
Couple enjoying a spa day in Puerto Vallarta

What defines our massage service in Puerto Vallarta?

Artepil is a space designed to pamper you, from your arrival you will be able to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for your massage in Puerto Vallarta

Our therapists are qualified to perform the massages professionally and give you a smooth experience in Puerto Vallarta's spa.
We know that the atmosphere is a fundamental part for your relaxation, so in Artepil Spa, we put all the elements to pamper you.
Before, during and after your massage in Puerto Vallarta, we make sure you feel comfortable at all times and enjoy your massage.
Whether it's a relaxing massage or a therapy massage, we want you to listen to your body and help us treat you right.

Don't wait any longer and book your appointment at the best Spa in Puerto Vallarta.


From the moment I walk through the door at any of your branches, I can feel comfort and confidence.The place touches each and every one of my senses because the decoration, the aromas, the music, the complimentary drink and of course the service allow me to reconnect with myself, always. Even though I usually schedule my appointments, on the couple of occasions that I have attended without a previous appointment, the attention has been immediate and professional. Highly recommended for any of your services. Excellent!



Great service and excellent quality!All the therapists are very professional and super friendly. It's worth trying the different techniques of massage, waxing and mani/pedi. Highly recommended.

Lorena Lechuga

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Highly recommended!The 90 minute hot stone massage with Yared was absolutely the best of all. I hurt my back moving a box full of cokes and it hurt so much.
This massage was 90 minutes of happiness, no pain, and the improvement in my back pain was incredible.

Mimi Lindborg Jove

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Excellent service, Congratulations!The day we went, we paid for a 50-minute aromatherapy session, a moisturizing facial and a 20-minute foot massage, since we arrived the reception was warm, the massages exceeded our expectations, we left very happy and relaxed, and at the end we were offered a tea or a drink of chlorophyll.

Irais T.


I highly recommend themI have been a customer since the beginning, almost 13 years ago, and it has always been a total guarantee of service and attention by excellence. I have been living in Spain and, really, there is no comparison neither in service, nor in attention, they should come to learn from ARTEPIL what is to have human quality in attention mainly.