Celebrate your body with a balance massage

Artepil   |   2021-07-13   |   Artepil
The constant work and the pursuit of achieving our goals, sometimes makes us forget to give us a space to pamper our body. Thank it for everything it does for us and give it a well-deserved rest. 

Of course, constant work is not a bad thing, but we cannot forget a very important concept to lead a full life: Balance. Just as we stay awake at night doing our tasks or devising new projects, we must make time to free the body from stress and balance it so that it continues to function properly.

Throughout 19 years in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic, at Artepil we have specialized in creating a space where you can find that balance with beauty and wellness treatments. To celebrate your body, we have created one of our signature treatments, which is the balance massage. Here is what it is all about and a chance to win a free service in celebration of our anniversary.

The most complete massage in Puerto Vallarta

Among all our massage services in Puerto Vallarta, the balance massage is our signature massage to pamper you. The balance massage combines different techniques to relax you, detoxify you, stretch your muscle tissue and make you feel totally renewed when you leave Artepil's facilities.

We will start with an aromatherapy session, which uses scents that will bring your mind into a state of relaxation that allows our therapist to continue with a Swedish massage to stimulate your circulation and release harmful toxins to your muscles. Next will come the deep tissue massage that consists of moving the deepest layers of your muscles to achieve maximum muscle relaxation.

Once our therapist has relaxed your muscles and provoked your body to begin to eliminate toxins, with soft and superficial movements he will do a lymphatic drainage massage to eliminate all the toxins accumulated on the surface of your skin. 

To finish harmonizing your body and mind, you will receive two oriental massage techniques that help the body to maintain harmony and balance: the Shiatsu massage that presses with your fingers different points of your body to stimulate the immune system. And finally we will apply a lomi lomi massage to stimulate the circulatory system and in this way the muscles that we have treated are kept well oxygenated.

You can book your balance massage with two different durations of 75 minutes and 90 minutes, which in addition to the massages we have already described, adds a hot stone massage session.

Make the most of Artepil's Anniversary Offers

In the month of July, Artepil celebrates 19 years of pampering you, and we want to celebrate it with you. We are giving you the chance to win a 90-minute balance massage in our anniversary raffle. You can check the rules in our Facebook post. We will announce the name of the winner on July 20th.

If you are a frequent customer, from July 7-24, 2021 you can schedule your services by purchasing our series of services with an extra discount that you can't miss. You can also buy gift certificates for a special anniversary price. If you do not know what to give, give the gift of wellness in Artepil.

We want to thank you for trusting our services for these 19 years to pamper you in Puerto Vallarta and Tepic. We hope you continue to join us in writing a story of beauty and wellness for you and your loved ones.
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