How to relieve back and neck pain? Find out at Artepil, spa in Puerto Vallarta.

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Hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair at work, a bad movement, standing in a bad position, stress, or even bad sleep, can lead to back and neck pain, which for day-to-day activities, is quite annoying. 

Back and neck pain can prevent you from performing everyday tasks such as exercising, adopting certain postures or exerting yourself. Whether you are young or old, back and neck pain can appear from one day to the next without warning. 

This type of pain has an impact on the quality of life of those who suffer from it, since it can lead you to reduce or limit your daily activities, whether it is doing your job, doing household chores, practicing your favorite sport or even playing with your children. 

There are different types of back pain, here we help you to identify them so you can have a correct treatment.


This pain is located in the cervical spine and can go to the shoulders, arms and back, it can even cause headaches. 


Pain in the back is usually caused by a bad position or by carrying something heavy in the wrong way, or for a long time.


The number one enemy, lumbar pain or lumbago, is the muscular contracture of the back, often related to work, stress, sports activities or a bad movement. It typically feels like a sharp stabbing pain. 

If the pain reaches the legs, there may be a compression of a nerve in the spine, which is known as sciatic pain. 

Now that you have identified what pain you are suffering from, it is time to do something to relieve it, and at Artepil, spa in Puerto Vallarta, we have a solution you will love, massages and relaxation. 

Massages to alleviate back pain at Artepil, spa in Puerto Vallarta

Back and neck massage

If you suffer from back pain, you will love this massage, our expert hands will take care of decontracting the accumulated muscle tension in your back, neck and arms, while relaxing and releasing stress. 

Our experts use Swedish, deep tissue and lomi lomi massage techniques, which are adapted to the needs of each client. 

Tired Legs

If back pain has reached your legs, this is the massage you require. This treatment is completely focused on your legs; it combines exfoliation, Swedish massage, lymphatic drainage and menthol balm. 

It will provide rest, as it decongests the area, prevents fluid retention and activates blood circulation.

Deep tissue

If you are looking for massages in Puerto Vallarta, Artepil, is your option; in this massage slow movements are performed with intense pressure that will reach the deepest layers of the muscles, producing a state of true muscular relaxation. 

Specially recommended for athletes or people with chronic muscular pain, you will feel your pain disappear and relaxation enter your body. 

Personalized massage

If you require personalized attention this massage is for you, it is a massage designed especially for you, by one of our therapists. The therapist will make a massage based on your special needs. 
Book a massage in Puerto Vallarta Leave your back in the hands of Artepil Spa! 
Our therapists are qualified to perform the massages professionally and help you have a pleasant spa experience in Puerto Vallarta. 

To have a healthy back, we recommend you to have moderate physical activity, eat well, stretch your legs, and of course, book a massage in any of our branches, so you can complement your routine with a massage that will relax you, and reach the deepest part of your muscles. We are waiting for you! 

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